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Fact Sheet

Secondary Surge Arresters


ED4 Surge Arrestor 

Electrical District No 4 is happy to announce that we are now offering the purchase and installation of secondary surge arresters.

The following will be required before installation can occur:

  • You, the customer, will need approval for the installation from your HOA and ED4 will require a copy of this approval.

  • A signed agreement between ED4 and the customer for the purchase and installation of the Surge Arrester.

  • An inspection of the external grounding system at the customers property will be performed at the time of installation.

  • Payment of the Surge Arrester and installation will need to be paid before installation can be scheduled. Charges may vary and are typically under $100.00

ED4 has set aside Thursdays for the installation of the surge arresters. Scheduling can be made after all requirements have been met.

For all further details, please contact the District Office at (520) 466-7336