Electrical District 4 - Central Arizona

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Electric District No. 4

How to use the online bill payment service

Account Registration

The first step to taking advantage of the online bill payment service is to register your account. To do this, click the button below. You will need to refer to information on your latest utility bill in order to complete the signup process on ED4. Required fields are denoted by * asterisks. Once you have completed the account registration form, press submit to create your account.

My Account

Once you login, you will see the Account Listing page showing your services. From this page, you can view a number of things including: Account numbers, Types, Municipal Address and account balance information.

Municipal Service Address

You can view your account number, service ID(s), service address(es), and the amount(s) due. From here, you can view each individual location by clicking "View" next to the amount due for each location. You can also choose to pay one or multiple balances by selecting the checkbox next to the locations you would like to pay and clicking "Pay Selected Bill(s)".

My Account Menu

Here you can edit the information which you entered when registering your account.

Viewing Your Bill

Click the account number next to the location for which you would like to view the current bill. This will display the account number, service address, mailing address, due date, past due balance, and total due. You can also view account history for this location. To return to the multiple services view, click "Home" at the top of this page.

Paying Your Bill

  1. From the Account listing page, you can choose to pay one or multiple balances by selecting the PAY button next to the location(s) you would like to pay.
  2. The "Total Payment" will show the total amount that will be paid.
  3. Click the "Process Payment" button at the botom of the page when ready to pay. Choose a payment method and press "Pay Now" to pay the amount or "Cancel" to cancel the process.

Pay with Debit/Credit Card

  1. Enter the information required and double check all information to ensure a successful transaction.
  2. Press the "Pay Now" button to submit the information. (WARNING! Only click this button once to avoid multiple charges! The transaction may take several minutes to complete.)
  3. Once the payment is complete, you will see the Thank You screen confirming that your payment was made. You can then click "Home" to view the current status of your payment. Immediately following your payment submission, your status will read "Pending" until cleared by the banks.
  4. Once the payment has been processed and posted, the Pay Bill area, including the "Pending" status, will be removed. However if you paid an amount less than that which is due, once the "Pending" status is removed, this link will remain active so that the remaining charges can be paid.